Important information:

Face Fors masks are created according to the Art. 16 of Decree-Law 17th march 2020 n. 18, that means these are filtering masks for civil use to be used as a precaution to protect the collectivity, so they help to limit the crossed contamination of viruses and bacteria between people. The more people use protective masks, the safer we will be.

If a person wears a Face Fors mask and they already have a viral or non-viral infection, or other kind of disease, with or without symptoms, Face Fors mask will not provide protection to the person wearing it, but will help to limit the infection towards other people.

Face Fors mask helps prevent infection only through the respiratory tract (nose and mouth), if worn correctly, covering nose and mouth. If a person wearing a Face Fors mask touches something or someone that is infected and after that touches their own eyes, mouth, nose or ears, Face Fors mask cannot protect the person wearing it.

It’s important to remember that the protection against viruses, bacteria and pathogens present in the environment is responsibility of each individual person, and they should take all the precautions necessary to avoid the infection. Therefore, Face Fors and B-HI Studio Srls, or any other branch directly linked to Face Fors or B-HI Studio Srls decline any responsibility related to infection of COVID-19, other virus, bacteria or any other disease, as well as potential developments or deterioration of the health of the person wearing Face Fors mask.