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Made in Italy
Face Fors masks are entirely made in Italy at knitting factories that have decades of experience collaborating with the most famous international brands

Skin Friendly
The yarn used for our masks are light, soft and elastic, they allow the mask to adhere to the skin delicately and without discomfort.

Face Fors Mask is made of two yarn, one of them is made of polyamide 6.6 fibre in which silver ions are inserted directly during the spinning process, meaning that it limits bacterial growth preventing body odor.

Breathability and Freshness
The second yarn is made of polypropylene with thermal integrator and anti-UV treatment so it can adapt to body and environment temperature, it’s light and breathable.

To finish the mask we added a water-repellent treatment to keep droplets away from the person’sface and protect them even more.

Face Fors masks can be washed at 30°C.

The mask can be worn on both sides, offering the possibility to have a mask in two colours (in the mask models that are made of two colours).
*Remember to wash the mask properly before wearing it on the other side

Construction and Shape
The mask is knitted all in one piece, even the ear loops are knitted with it so that they cannot detach. All of this characteristics are presented in an anatomic shaped mask that is elegant, soft and comfortable.

This mask is made for civil use, produced following the Art. 16 of the Decree-Law 17th march 2020 n. 18, these are mask to be used as a precaution to protect the collectivity